Blue Cloud Gallery Woven Flower Bracelet Workshop



The first ever workshop I held in my store recently was a lot of fun! Sarah Beardslee, a local multi-talented jewelry artist chose the above bracelet for everyone to make. She supplied all the different ‘ingredients’ and described further equipment the participants could buy if they wanted to continue learning beading techniques such as specially focused lights and crimping tools. I observed and took pictures while the participants learned how to thread and crimp the clasps on the end of the beading wire.

1-Sarah, Helen, Nancy

Next, they were shown how to separate the different shaped green beads; by threading them in different ways, they turned into ‘leaves’. Criss-crossing the beading wire thru flower beads and repeating the process eventually created the bracelet.

2-Nancy's flowers

5-Helen, Chris, Nancy, Sarah


The technique the participants learned can be used for other kinds of beaded bracelets.

10-everyone's bracelets

A good time was had by all!




Wed. April 19th Workshop 7-9 PM

LENNI ARMSTRONG Shows You How To Make Earrings & Pins Out of Fun Foam & Recycled Cans



Explore your creativity in a fun and productive way!
In this workshop, we make earrings & pins out of fun foam and recycled tin cans. These colorful earrings & pins are very light, easy to make and can be completed
in a short amount of time. Lenni supplies fun foam, pre-cut tin cans of a variety of colors and patterns, and earring wires. You bring scissors, an exact-o knife,
cutting board, metal ruler and super glue. In two hours, it’s possible to make several pairs of earrings and/or pins!
713 Broadway, Ball SQ, Somerville
WHEN: Wed. April 19th,  7 – 9 PM
cell 857-266-9110

Tin Box Jewelry, April Artist of the Month, CAROLINE HORTON


Tin Box Jewelry by artist Caroline Horton focuses on creating modern jewelry with a vintage soul, re-purposing vintage tea, storage, candy, biscuit and promotional tins.


Caroline Horton is a stay at home mom, thrift store junkie and arts & craft addict. She started crafting when she was 8 years old and has not been able to stop. Her handcrafted jewelry features vintage tins. The lithographs on the tins are amazing and vibrant – she felt it would be a shame to let them go to waste. So she turned them into wearable art instead!

Tin Brac P
“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

April Raffle pendant




Tamara Major, graphic artist of Medford, MA is my ARTIST OF THE MONTH. With each AOTM, the artist donates something they made for a raffle. This month we’re  giving away a set of Tamara’s cards of local scenes.

Tamara's cards (1)

There is no purchase necessary – just stop in BLUE CLOUD GALLERY and fill out the raffle slip, put it in the box.

Tamara’s cards & prints of local Somerville scenes are pen & ink depictions of popular locales that also speak to her personally.  She uses bright colors & creates them quickly, trying to capture the dynamic personalities of different parts of the city. Most recently she has been focusing on acrylic paints & watercolors. The brushes & paints take her to a more spiritual place. Tamara tries to capture the reflective, quiet experience of observing nature which always provided a sanctuary. The sights & sounds of nature she feels as mysterious, magical, healing, poetry. Growing up in the Midwest, her family spent summers in Florida, gleefully finding shells & ocean life in & on the beaches … the skies with their dramatic sunsets, the streets lined with brilliant flowers & trees… all influenced by what she finds fascinating & still finds inspirational today. Now that she lives in New England, she finds similar themes to paint. Walden Pond & Great Meadows have been some recent subjects.



via Daily Prompt: Craft

I just created the word, “craftstyle” in response to the Daily Prompt. It’s obviously not a word since spell checker has red-lined it. That’s great! I created a new word and now get to create a definition that no one else has created! So, “craftstyle is a lifestyle based on handcrafted goods. That is, living a life that is based on either making handcrafted items, selling handcrafted items, or purchasing handcrafted items.” Craftstyle!

As the owner of a small retail store, I sell gifts handcrafted by 140 local artists. Therefor, I help support the artists’ craftstyles. And my customers bring a little of that craftstyle into their lives when they buy gifts for family and friends, promoting craftstyle to those they know and love. My job is living a craftstyle!

Do you fit in the definition somewhere?




Some People Drink, She Cuts Glass.

Jennifer’s father was her first stained glass art teacher when she was about eight or nine years old.

She took stained glass in college and continued to learn after she moved to Boston.

She uses a lot of imperfect glass from Blenko in Milton, West Virginia. Jennifer doesn’t focus on finding perfect colors, she focuses on colors that she likes and thinks look nice together. She generally creates her own patterns, but looks for inspiration everywhere.

She has never cut herself so badly where she needed stitches!

“I don’t believe that art must have a deep meaning to be considered art. It simply needs to make someone happy, either the artist who created it, or those who stop to admire it.” Jennifer and I invite you to stop by Blue Cloud Gallery to see a selection of her stained glass art creations. And you can sign up to win one of her stained glass stars – no purchase necessary!