My First Blog

Handcrafted Gifts in Somerville

Unique Gifts in Somerville

Howdy, how y’all doin’?  Too hick for you?  This is Betsy Lenora, owner of Blue Cloud Gallery and this is my first blog.  I’m so excited!  It is my intention to tell you about new artists, new items, special events and promotions.

For instance, through the end of March, I have been having a special promotion of 10% off all 2 D artwork: paintings, photography and prints.  Refreshing your walls is a great way to refresh your life after this long, cold winter we’ve had.  But there’s only a few days left so if you’ve been on the fence, now’s the time to pay less for something you love.

I have another special deal that one of my artists is offering – Robert Smith “Smitty” of Minimum Wage Art creates designs for t-shirts that are totally unique.  They normally sell for $28  but as an end-of-winter sale, we are selling them for $20.  Choices are:”Summaville, Gateway to Meffid”, “Don’t Be Afraid of Work, Make Work Afraid of You!”, the strange Coke sign on Somerville Ave, “People’s Republic of Cambridge” and a couple more.  Think about it – wearable art for twenty bucks!  And no tax, either.

It has been a tough winter and has affected all of us. Cheer yourself up – you know how delightful my store is, so colorful and filled to the brim with interesting, unique, creative things. I encourage browsing and window shopping. I enjoy your visits; I enjoy having a relationship with you.  I consider you a friend first and foremost.  So stop by and say hi to a friend!


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