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Hello all you beautiful people!  This is Betsy Lenora, owner of Blue Cloud Gallery. Today I am introducing you to two fairly new local artists in my store.  They both are jewelry artists and make exceptionally unique pieces.  I am very excited to have their jewelry in Blue Cloud Gallery, and I want to share them with you.

Barbara Gwynn from Somerville makes a different kind of beaded jewelry from what you are used to.  She makes bracelets that are Loom-Woven.  Their intricate designs are reminiscent of Native American and tribal designs. But her creations are all her own; some feel as if they could have come out of the Roaring 20’s flapper era, some have a quality that hearken back to the 60’s & 70’s, if hippies were more gifted than stoned.  Speaking of macrame’, Barbara also makes a sweet line of not-your-average-hippie-made bracelets.  Her attention to detail is so fine, you’ll marvel at the way she finishes her pieces using colorful waxed linen thread.  The Loom-Woven bracelets are finished with soft folds of recycled leather.  The overall feel of them are thin and light, totally elegant or casual, depending on your occasion.



The other artist I want to introduce you to is Marcia Post-Melchiskey, also from Somerville.  Her jewelry fits in the category of Steam-Punk and is made out of scavenged bicycle parts.  It is way cool!  She makes necklaces, dog tags, pins, earrings, rings and more. She often uses the cog or gear from a bike as a central  point, then encases tiny parts in resin inside the interior of the gear. She does this on a large scale as in her necklaces and pins, or on a much smaller scale in her earrings and rings.  Her jewelry is surprisingly lightweight for being made of so much metal.  The earrings dangle in a delightful, fun way – the small gears and chains hang as if in a miniature work of art.  Which is what they are. The dog tags hang from real bicycle cable wire.  And her rings are made so that they are adjustable without looking in the least bit chintzy.


I want to point out that both of these artists’ jewelry has a uni-sex appeal besides having aspects which are completely feminine.  Guys could easily wear the macrame’ bracelets – I’ve seen plenty of guys wearing them – and the dog tags, pins and rings would be cool for guys, too.  I hope to get in some of Marcia’s belt buckles soon.

Next week, look for a blog about my 3 year birthday here at Blue Cloud Gallery.  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter on my website so that you will get news of my special events and promotions.  If you don’t, you risk losing out on a VERY good thing: Free Gifts!

Ciao for now my friends!



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