Blue Cloud Gallery Happening



Hello all you wonderful people!   Recently, I invited the local artists from my store to a Meet and Greet.  One of the artists, Emily Worden from Somerville – she makes bags and sells recycled items in my store – offered to give a talk on the business end of being an artist, a topic that is all too often left out of Art Education. 16 people attended the talk which was held at Zing WingZ next door to Blue Cloud Gallery. (They have delicious pizza, by the way; the by-the-slice are as big as 1/4 a pizza – huge!)  Emily did a great job of imparting her wisdom – the 2 hours flew by filled with facts, information, questions and answers.  The artists enjoyed meeting each other, and I enjoyed sponsoring the event.  There will be more in the future but, alas, only open to my artists.  (I’m sharing this perhaps to let you all know what a good, dedicated, supportive person I am and then you will like that about me and come shop at my store in order to support me!)

Right now, the new news is congratulatory – I’m celebrating 3 years of being owner of Blue Cloud Gallery, as of April 1st.  If any of you live in the area and come in this month, I’m giving away a free gift – a goody bag – no strings attached.  I have a limited supply so stop by soon.


Yours Truly, Betsy Lenora


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