Hello all you very Special People!

This month we celebrate some very Special People – people getting married, people graduating, and people who are fathers.  If you are one of these people, or a combination, CONGRATULATIONS!!!  If you know any of these people, then you have come to the right Blog.

Blue Cloud Gallery is all about finding the right gift for the Special People in your life.  I currently have 125 mostly local artists in my store which makes for a large selection of unique gifts from which to choose.  From practical to beautiful to practical AND beautiful – not to mention extra Special for such a Special occasion – a wedding gift can encompass a one-of-a-kind burned wood tray with love bird design to a set of hand-thrown pottery mixing bowls or a one-of-kind hand-blown glass vase.




Graduation gifts can be challenging; what do you give a person who probably knows more than you do? ha!ha!  Many people give gifts of money but would like to give something Special to go with it.  Jewelry is appropriate for any age of female grads and I have many lovely, Special, one-of-a-kind pieces.  I sent my niece in Indiana – who is a graduating Senior from High School – a beautiful, delicate freshwater pearl necklace with a few ruby briolettes.  Only $68!  I have many others to choose from in a range from $25 to $250.


Guy Grads are more challenging; money is still most welcome.  How about a little hand-crafted wooden box to put the gift in?  Or a cool keychain made with recycled leather for the keys to the car you’ve bought him? ha! ha!  (Really???)  Or a business card holder for his first desk job.  Way cool.


And then there’s poor ole Dad – he never quite gets the recognition that Mom gets on Mothers Day.  You’ll take him out for breakfast, maybe tickets to a game, and certainly a card.  But we all spend money on presents for Mom, making Mothers Day the second biggest gift-giving day of the year.  This year, think about recognizing your dad with an appreciation gift, something Special that really tells him he is a Special guy in your life – without him, you would not be here!  I have some cool dichroic glass tie clips & cuff links and a matching letter opener, hand-crafted slide-top wooden boxes, a pendant of jasper on a cord to put in the box, and some Special checkbook covers suitable for a man who has worn his out.


Whatever you do for the Special People in your life, make sure to let let them know how Special they are to you.  You can say it with a card, too!


Congratulations Everyone!  Have a Wonderfully Special June!

Your friend, Betsy Lenora



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