Hello All You Beautiful People!

“Beauty is as beauty does.” What does THAT mean? It means that when you do beautiful things, it reflects on you. Think about that when you’re hanging out with your friends, or with your family and especially when surrounded by strangers. It’s all part of committing random acts of kindness. This world needs all the positive energy it can get. Every time we do something nice for someone else, we are contributing positive energy for the good of the whole world.

The mission for my store, Blue Cloud Gallery, is to help artists continue their craft by making my store a wonderful and interesting place so that when people visit, they will discover all the unique handcrafted gifts made by my artists. When they do, they give the gifts they’ve purchased to friends and family and pass on happiness, creativity and beauty which expresses their thoughtfulness perfectly.

And as much as I want to support artists and help customers, I also offer myself – who I am – in the service of both artists and customers and in my community. I have spent my entire adult life searching for my place in the sun with many battles in the darkness. Over 3 years ago I became the owner of Blue Cloud Gallery, first started 13 years ago by Patricia Wellenkamp. It is an amazing, almost unbelievable story how that happened and if any of you want to hear it, let me know. (Hint: you could say it all started at an Al Anon meeting 27 years ago.)

More than 3 years later, still struggling to make ends meet, I am the happiest I have ever been. Who would have thought that “my place in the sun” was inside a Blue Cloud?!! I am living my values with no one to squash me. I love my store, I love my artists, I love my customers…and I love all of you who may or may not become customers in the future.

Pass it on!

Peace, Betsy

                Betsy at Boston Pops paint


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