Hosting a Successful Craft Store Event



Last Sunday Sept. 28th, my store hosted a FREE Craft
Demonstration plus Wine Tasting Event.
I wanted to share with you that it was a SUCCESS! It was a SUCCESS! It was SUCCESSFUL! 
Five artists: Elizabeth Arnold – chainmail jewelry, Karen Chmielewski – needle felting, Kim McCullough – tile painting, Janis Thomas – quilling, and Sarah Beardslee – bead weaving demonstrated their techniques inside the store while I greeted, poured wine and rang up sales. Yes, SALES! In 2 hours, I made my whole days’ figures!
Most of the guests had never been in my store before. I can guarantee you that they WILL be back.
When one is in business for ones’ self, victories are important. Choosing the project, situation or event that will give you one is never a guarantee. I added the wine tasting as an incentive though I may not have needed it. Sending out emails to social media, and again the day before as a reminder, choosing a day when parking was free and a time of day that was most conducive to peoples’ schedules was crucial.
 My small shop is chock-full of local crafts to discover so there was much to explore once people arrived, besides being intrigued by the different craft demonstrations. The logistics are very important. But I have a feeling that the success came because once here, everyone had a good time – the artists, the guests and me, the host. The atmosphere was relaxed, friendly, informative. Okay, so maybe the wine DID help!
I wish you successful ideas and visions!
Your Blog Friend,
Betsy Lenora
owner, Blue Cloud Gallery

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