Shopping Online with Blue Cloud Gallery


Hello All My Wonderful Customers!

I have big news for my store – soon I will have a way for anyone, anywhere to shop online for some of my hand-crafted gifts. I have teamed up with an exciting online shopping organization called or is a one-of-a-kind online destination for discovering and exploring local boutiques across the world. And now I am included in that category! Imagine that.

It all started with a pair of shoes in Paris…” This company was started by a young woman named Olga who had the foresight to bring together many unique boutique stores from all over the country and the world on one online shopping site. Olga moved to America from Russia when she was 17. She attended Wellesley College. It was while attending Harvard Business School that she wrote her business plan for which she began executing upon graduation.

We have a launch date of March 15th, so look for further news of the event. Many people have suggested that I make the items in my store available to sell online but it’s a lot of work for one person to set up and manage. is a highly reputable company and is taking most of the work out of doing it for me.

I invite you to go to their site, and check it out. Soon, you can find MY store listed under the “BOUTIQUES” tab and when you find it, please click on the upper right corner to indicate that you “LIKE” it. It gives me Brownie points!

In other news, my store WILL be open March 3rd thru March 8th while I am away on Sanibel Island in FL. (Nyaah nyaah nyaah!) My kind, generous, and funny partner Marshall will be holding down the fort. Please visit him while I’m away and bring him a treat. He’ll deserve it!

Ocean feet  Herring Cove

Above is a preview of my feet in the ocean. On Sanibel Island, all those stones will be shells!

Warmest Wishes – Betsy


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