Hello All My Wonderful Readers!

You missed it. You missed another fabulous Event held at Blue Cloud Gallery. And I missed you which makes me feel sad. It was a lot of fun as usual. It was successful which can’t be predicted as easily. But because you missed it, I am going to share the facts which are also my memories. I hope by sharing the news of an Event that’s already over, it will entice you enough to attend the next one I have.

BCG Betsy and Wine

That’s me! The Event was a Wine Tasting / Craft Demonstration held on Sunday March 29, 2015 . A selection of 3 different wines were recommended to me by Kate from across the street at Ball Square Fine Wines (free tastings every Friday!) and were a delicious, fruity yet dry white Bordeaux Sauvignon-Semillion that was the crowd’s favorite, a yummy Pinot Noir from an inland vineyard east of Monterrey, CA called “Route 152”, and a deep red juicy Carneiros from Chile. See what you missed?!

1-BCG MG and Dan

Artist Melissa Glick of Cambridge, MA answers Dan’s questions about her talent and technique for making artwork out of old computer parts. Blue Cloud Gallery sells her sculptural wall-hangings, clocks and jewelry.

1-Naomi P

Naomi Ellenberg-Dukas of Belmont, MA is demonstrating how she makes bracelets out of guitar string wire. She made and sold an especially beautiful one decorated with multi-colored beads to a young woman. I was deeply envious.

3-BCG Todd Demo

Here’s Todd Easton of Somerville, MA pounding designs into leather to make keychains and barrettes. I love his dyed laser-cut bracelet cuffs which I also sell in my store.

1-Todd P

He’s scoring the leather now while his daughter and a friend look on.

2-Todd P

Melissa and Dan P

Outside, Melissa King of Somerville, MA has her easel set up. She paints illustrations, mostly of dogs and cats. I wish I’d shown more of her painting and less of Dan!

Jan P

Jan Willett of Monkeyshine Studios!!! She showed us how she gets started, proceeds and finishes making a Sock Monkey from scratch. I found it a little disconcerting seeing the disembodied arms, legs and tails but she wove her special magic into them over the 2 hour period and soon we had lively monkeys jumping around the store again.

BCG craft demo monkeys and MG

Lyn Brown P

Lyn Brown, another artist from Somerville brought some handmade books which she demonstrated binding. You will notice a stack of baskets in the foreground – those are made of paper and are collapsible. A pretty neat trick! I sell Lyn’s beautiful, one-of-a-kind paper lampshades and light switch plate covers.

BCG Lyn and Raj

Lyn chats with Rajiv Ramaiah, another of my artists from Somerville. Raj is a graphic design artist; I sell his fictitious subway map posters and cards. You should see them!

4-BCG Todd craft demo

I added this because of the poster in the back; can you see what it says? “Don’t Make Art, Just Make Something”.

2-Melissa P

Melissa Glick and her ‘junk’.

3-Melissa 2P

Awesome junk!

4-BCG MG Demo

Working it…

2-Naomi P

Naomi Ellenberg-Dukas answers a question. Besides guitar wire bracelets, she makes a variety of jewelry. I sell her beautiful trellis yarn necklaces.

3-Naomi P

Making a guitar wire bracelet…

BCG Betsy Demo

And finally, back to me! For a small space, we managed to fit in quite a few guests. The sunny weather was much appreciated.

A good time was had by all, and that’s a Fact!

Next time you’re invited to an Event at Blue Cloud Gallery, mark it on your calendar and don’t miss it. I want to see YOU in one of these pictures with a glass of wine in your hand!

Thank you.

Betsy Lenora

photo credits: Betsy Lenora and Michelle Driscoll


2 thoughts on “FACTS AFTER THE FACT

  1. Tracey

    I so wish I didn’t live all the way down here in Florida, so I could have come and “thrown back a few” – ok, “sipped some wine” – and seen all these great artists’ demonstrations! I was there in spirit, and hope that I can visit there in person before too long!!!

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