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Writing a blog is like New Years’ Resolutions – easier said than done. Maybe if I just start writing then something will materialize. I like to write. It’s hard to do on demand, tho. What is my theme? I must have a theme. Can’t write without one. What’s going on at my store, you ask? I have a lot of cool, unique, interesting locally made craft and art and jewelry that I want people to come in and experience. I have a fun, interesting gift store; I love my store, I love my artists and I love my customers. When I have a busy day, the customers always mention how much they like my store. I can see that they genuinely do. It is gratifying that the things my artists make are purchased by such admiring and thoughtful people. I have had customers come back just to tell me that the recipient of the gift was thrilled. That has happened many times. I feel very, very lucky to own my store, to be part of a community that values the arts (Somerville) and to know so many wonderful people. I do not run my store with rules and regulations; the only ‘policy’ I have is to be kind and helpful. I don’t need much. I live simply. But. The “but” is that I need visitors to come to my store. I need people to come in and appreciate the hand-blown glass vases, bowls and tumblers, the hearts and stars and twists; the pottery mugs and bowls and dishes; the hand-painted silk scarves; the warm mittens, ski bands, wrist warmers and hats; the baby bibs, recycled cashmere baby hats, the onesies and soft toy animals; the original artwork on the walls from paintings to prints to photography; and so many different types of jewelry – mixed metals, dichroic glass, beaded, crocheted, sterling silver, chain mail, etc! With 140 local artists, I believe I’m the only store in the Metro Boston area with that many local artists.

So next time you are in the vicinity of Ball SQ  on Broadway near the Powderhouse Park and rotary, stop in and say hi. Check out the many fun and functional items made by my artists; get stimulated and be inspired by their creativity and accomplishments. When you leave, know that you have made my day and that you have discovered a new place to buy gifts for the special people in your life. Tell them Betsy sent you.


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