Etched Brass Jewelry at BLUE CLOUD GALLERY


I want to introduce one of my jewelry artists to you via this Blog. His son called me in September 2012 to ask if I’d be interested in carrying his father’s work. Always interested in looking at new artwork, he stopped by later with a quantity of intricate and beautifully etched brass earrings and necklaces. It didn’t take me long to agree; then came the difficult decision of which pieces should I carry!


Necklace and Earrings by ZEV REJMAN

Valentin Zev Rejman creates distinctive handcrafted jewelry using silver, gold, bronze and copper toned brass, in unique and original patterns inspired by life and nature. He applies the latest etching techniques to create a palette of shapes and textures.

ZR earr brass silver

Zev founded Etched Vintage Art Studio, Inc., and helped in pioneering the chemical milling etching process on metal sheets. His designs are steeped in the historical evolution of countries from around the world. By integrating organic accents into the jewelry, a lush palette of shapes, hues and textures are formed. From start to finish, earrings and necklaces are created as a thoroughly well thought out composition of complimentary elements and color choices. With an emphasis on design, material, and effortless beauty, Zev’s jewelry offers a fresh and vibrant look that compliments every woman. Each piece is its own tiny work of art.

ZR round earr

Born in Argentina and raised in Israel, Zev found his passion early in the fusion of art and science. With a degree in Engineering and Public Communications from Boston University, his works embody technical expertise united with an aesthetic that are at once classic while pushing the imagination. Zev has worked out of his studio located in Eastern Massachusetts for over 20 years, constantly striving to produce new and innovative approaches to making art. Jewelry has always been his focal point, and what separates his line from so many others out there is Zev’s ability to transform his experience and passion with a skilled artistic eye into a contemporary jewelry design context.

ZR black silver earr

Besides the jewelry he designs, makes and sells at quality gift stores like Blue Cloud Gallery in Ball SQ Somerville, master etcher Zev Rejman founded Crafted Illuminations, designs that enhance life by enhancing the quality of light itself. A collection that includes sconces, overheads, focal pieces & lamps -each piece brings interiors to life with ambiance from the shadows they cast.  

ZR necklace




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