via Daily Prompt: Craft

I just created the word, “craftstyle” in response to the Daily Prompt. It’s obviously not a word since spell checker has red-lined it. That’s great! I created a new word and now get to create a definition that no one else has created! So, “craftstyle is a lifestyle based on handcrafted goods. That is, living a life that is based on either making handcrafted items, selling handcrafted items, or purchasing handcrafted items.” Craftstyle!

As the owner of a small retail store, I sell gifts handcrafted by 140 local artists. Therefor, I help support the artists’ craftstyles. And my customers bring a little of that craftstyle into their lives when they buy gifts for family and friends, promoting craftstyle to those they know and love. My job is living a craftstyle!

Do you fit in the definition somewhere?


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