Blue Cloud Gallery Woven Flower Bracelet Workshop



The first ever workshop I held in my store recently was a lot of fun! Sarah Beardslee, a local multi-talented jewelry artist chose the above bracelet for everyone to make. She supplied all the different ‘ingredients’ and described further equipment the participants could buy if they wanted to continue learning beading techniques such as specially focused lights and crimping tools. I observed and took pictures while the participants learned how to thread and crimp the clasps on the end of the beading wire.

1-Sarah, Helen, Nancy

Next, they were shown how to separate the different shaped green beads; by threading them in different ways, they turned into ‘leaves’. Criss-crossing the beading wire thru flower beads and repeating the process eventually created the bracelet.

2-Nancy's flowers

5-Helen, Chris, Nancy, Sarah


The technique the participants learned can be used for other kinds of beaded bracelets.

10-everyone's bracelets

A good time was had by all!


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